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We will update this frequently. Please DM an admin on if you are ever unsure about anything. Beware of fraudulent tokens and listings. Admins on Telegram will never DM you first.


What is and MAPS token? aims to be the ultimate travel companion with online and offline maps, an embedded wallet, and other DeFi financial services.

MAPS tokens provide utility for app usage, staking rewards, and votes for governance for 2.0, binding its 140M users. Holding MAPS tokens will make users eligible for additional user services and discounts.

100% of’s net revenue will go towards buy and burn and the benefit of token holders. Please see the whitepaper and our website for more information.

How can I buy MAPS?

MAPS token is available on FTX,, Bonfida,, Uniswap, and Sushiswap.

Beware of fraudulent offerings for MAPS. If it is not on this list, it is fake.






What links and communities can I trust regarding MAPS?

You can find our official Telegram link and social media channels on the official page:

Main Channels:

TG Maps Group:

TG Announcements:

Maps Token Medium:

Official Twitter:

Marco Twitter:

MAPS Communities:


Chinese Community:

Vietnamese Community:

Indian Community:

Korean Community:

Whitepaper and Contact:


Email for more info:

What is the roadmap for 2.0?

We launched MAPS 2.0 in December 2020, with a multi-currency wallet with DeFi yield coming in March 2021, and asset trading and asset management planned for Q3 2021.

We are finalizing the details for staking rewards, interactive marketing campaigns, and other special programs. Stay tuned for more announcements.


What is the circulating and total supply?

The current circulating supply is 75M, with a hard cap at 300M for the first year. The total supply will grow to a maximum of 10B over 7 years.

Please see also our update announcement:

What is the locked token supply?

Our total token supply is distributed across different functions to build a sustainable ecosystem. 90% of all tokens are locked for up to 7 years, reflecting our long-term commitment and preference for long-term supporters. Of the 10% of total unlocked tokens, the supply is further restricted in the first year to 75M with a hard cap of 300M.

Please see also our update announcement:

What were the pre-sale prices?

Tokens sold in the private sale, which will unlock linearly over the long-term (7 years) starting on Year 1, were sold at a variety of prices between $0.03 and $0.07.

How many tokens were sold in the IEO’s & IDO?

We sold a total of 6M MAPS. IEO/IDO venues were FTX, Bitmax, and Serum (Bonfida).

Where are the contract addresses?

MAPS is a native SPL token with an ERC-20 wrapper.

SPL: MAPS41MDahZ9QdKXhVa4dWB9RuyfV4XqhyAZ8XcYepb


Note: The 100M supply stated in the Etherscan link reflects that the ERC20 wrapper is just a portion of outstanding tokens. We will mint/burn more ERC20 as needed.

What network is the token on?

MAPS is a native SPL token with an ERC-20 wrapper. MAPS is already on its mainnet.

How can I store MAPS when I buy them after listing?

Because MAPS is native to SPL but also has an ERC-20 wrapper, you will need a wallet that supports SPL tokens or ERC:

For SPL support, please see and for more details.

Questions related to pools and Bonfida

Bonfida product related questions should be forwarded to the group, as their team will be better able to assist.

What are 2.0’s revenue streams? 2.0 manages a number of revenue streams on the user side (e.g. fees for financial transactions and bookings) as well as from businesses interacting with the platform.

Details can be found in page 6 of the whitepaper. The token site also provides examples of revenue streams.

Where can I learn more about your core team?

Please refer to page 9 of the whitepaper to learn about our team and advisors.



Maps Token

Official MAPS Token Announcement page. Please visit for more information or join our Telegram groups: