2.0: Embedded Wallet 2.0 is a reshaping of the popular offline mapping and travel-booking app. Our new embedded wallet is a crucial feature.

Most users have seen our teaser video on 2.0. In that video, we covered several key wallet functionalities, including safe and convenient payment options, affordable FX conversions, cross-border remittances, and the ability to earn interest on excess funds.

Most of our users are travellers, and we identified several travel-related and personal finance-oriented pain points including:

  • Foreign exchange fees
  • Cross-border fees
  • Online spending fees
  • Low interest rates

Our wallet’s core features address each issue accordingly:

Affordable FX conversions: Unreasonable foreign exchange fees are a major pain point in travel we are targeting. With the embedded wallet, users can hold and convert money across 35 fiat currencies at better rates (and with no hidden fees).

Transfer funds globally and in real-time: We plan to offer users a simplified method of sending cross-border transactions at near-zero fees and in real-time. As we like to say: sending money to a friend or loved one has never been quicker and easier.

Pay from your wallet across multiple currencies: Most users have a single currency bank card, meaning high international transaction fees from their banks when they travel abroad. Online travel agencies also charge a hefty mark-up, and international transaction fees are often borne by the user. intends to resolve these constraints over the medium-term in several ways, including 0% international transaction fees and by allowing users to pay merchants and book hotels directly from the wallet.

Earn interest on excess funds: We will also offer users an opportunity to store excess funds and earn passive income. Many of our supporters noticed that our passive income feature is DeFi powered. Our teaser video noted that the yield generation feature allows users to deposit their fiat, which then flows to a borrow-lending protocol on the Solana blockchain to generate income.

More specifically, Oxygen Protocol will operate as a financial backend to this wallet functionality: fixed deposits on the wallet flow into Oxygen and are matched (by the Serum DEX) to corresponding borrowers. No wonder Marco has been enthusiastic about Oxygen’s listing.

This is good news for users located in regions like Europe where interest rates are near 0% or negative. We invite users to join the waitlist and, once the wallet is ready for release, to fund their wallets and enjoy an exciting, financially empowered travel experience.

In the future, the wallet will offer trading services and access to global capital markets, which will be powered by Serum DEX on Solana. The core wallet functions we identified are just the beginning. Much more lies ahead in the future!

As always, we thank our supporters for their patience. The integrity of your financial and travel experiences is everything to us. Releasing a high quality, secure, and reliable product remains our top objective. Our team continues to manage multiple dependencies and critical factors, including proven demand, user feedback, and regulatory requirements.

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Official MAPS Token Announcement page. Please visit for more information or join our Telegram groups:

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Maps Token

Official MAPS Token Announcement page. Please visit for more information or join our Telegram groups:

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