2.0 Roadmap

  • Alameda Research / Serum / FTX, leading HFT firm, Genesis Capital, CMS, Sino Capital, Solana Foundation, and many others
  • Launch app with new UI, on independent infrastructure
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Upgrade accuracy: Daily maps updates (iOS release)
  • Improve quality of POI data: partnership with FourSquare for enhanced 150m POI data set
  • Expand partnership with direct vs (current) affiliate model
  • Deepen partnership with OpenStreetMaps community: OpenStreetMaps Foundation
  • Create initial wallet waitlist: 70,000+ signups, +3k a day
  • Launch multi-currency wallet: Closed beta
  • Staged wallet roll-out (targeting March 2021)
  • Create MAPS incentives for in-app user engagement
  • List MAPS on more exchanges
  • Integrate MAPS rewards into yield generation
  • Design user experience
  • Integrate DeFi* protocol
  • Launch DeFi yield inside the wallet (closed beta, staged roll-out)
  • Integrate FourSquare POI data and make it most relevant for users
  • Improve offline and online search
  • MAPS rewards
  • Incentivizing existing users
  • Marketing to new users
  • May include:
  • Book restaurants (like this)
  • Book museums / events mobile tickets (like this)
  • Embed telecom data services through eSIM provisioning (2bn devices to support eSIM in the next 5 years)
  • wallet as integrated payment method for travel-related services
  • Enter into cash-back or similar agreements with merchant aggregators to provide even better rewards for wallet users
  • In-app staking rewards for users:
  • E.g. yield, high cashbacks, and better incentives
  • Further navigation improvements
  • Claim your business
  • Promotional benefits could include:
  • Highlight locations on the map to users
  • Better position in user searches
  • Special offers
  • Expand asset selection users can buy / hold in the wallet
  • May include:*
  • Structured products
  • DeFi asset trading
  • Asset management



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