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3 min readFeb 9, 2021


We’ve been guiding people for years. is a trusted companion for 140 million users and has established itself as one of the world’s most popular offline mapping services.

Our platform is now opening new horizons for our users’ financial needs by providing them more choices and better value. We’re connecting mobile people with mobile financial services — through the power of decentralized finance.

DeFi is an evolving space. Its scalability comes with composability — the ability to integrate existing building blocks into our own ecosystem to generate value. Certain parts of our roadmap we will build from such “money lego” blocks once they are available and ready for integration.

Phase one: completed

Complete M&A of

Phase two: completed

Bring strategic DeFi Ecosystem partners onboard

  • Alameda Research / Serum / FTX, leading HFT firm, Genesis Capital, CMS, Sino Capital, Solana Foundation, and many others


Transfer assets & launch 2.0

  • Launch app with new UI, on independent infrastructure
  • iOS
  • Android

Launch MAPS token

Phase three: in progress

Augment core functionality

  • Upgrade accuracy: Daily maps updates (iOS release)
  • Improve quality of POI data: partnership with FourSquare for enhanced 150m POI data set

Build partnerships in travel & mapping

  • Expand partnership with direct vs (current) affiliate model
  • Deepen partnership with OpenStreetMaps community: OpenStreetMaps Foundation

Embed a wallet into the app

  • Create initial wallet waitlist: 70,000+ signups, +3k a day
  • Launch multi-currency wallet: Closed beta
  • Staged wallet roll-out (targeting March 2021)

Build MAPS token utility & liquidity

  • Create MAPS incentives for in-app user engagement
  • List MAPS on more exchanges
  • Integrate MAPS rewards into yield generation

Integrate DeFi yield into the wallet

  • Design user experience
  • Integrate DeFi* protocol
  • Launch DeFi yield inside the wallet (closed beta, staged roll-out)

Phase four: upcoming

Enhance core functionality

  • Integrate FourSquare POI data and make it most relevant for users
  • Improve offline and online search

Expand wallet awareness

  • MAPS rewards
  • Incentivizing existing users
  • Marketing to new users

Introduce additional travel-related services

  • May include:
  • Book restaurants (like this)
  • Book museums / events mobile tickets (like this)
  • Embed telecom data services through eSIM provisioning (2bn devices to support eSIM in the next 5 years)

Build on wallet functionality

  • wallet as integrated payment method for travel-related services
  • Enter into cash-back or similar agreements with merchant aggregators to provide even better rewards for wallet users

Enhance MAPS utility program

  • In-app staking rewards for users:
  • E.g. yield, high cashbacks, and better incentives

Phase five: upcoming

Strengthen core functionality

  • Further navigation improvements

Introduce for Business

  • Claim your business
  • Promotional benefits could include:
  • Highlight locations on the map to users
  • Better position in user searches
  • Special offers

Build further on wallet functionality

  • Expand asset selection users can buy / hold in the wallet

Introduce additional DeFi financial services

  • May include:*
  • Structured products
  • DeFi asset trading
  • Asset management

And much more.

Subject to availability of partner services on Solana and Serum at the time and other key factors, including and not limited to any regulatory requirements.

Throughout these phases, we intend to build out and implement incentivization and governance programs to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience throughout all of our upcoming integrated services. Examples of governance may include a simple voting mechanism as described in our whitepaper. Such design choices should ultimately be driven by what makes practical sense.

The integrity of your travel and financial experiences means everything to us. Items in our agenda may be subject to change without notice according to multiple factors, including proven demand, user feedback, and regulatory requirements.

We are just getting started. Welcome aboard.

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