March 22 AMA Recap

  1. Could you guys briefly introduce yourself as well as Maps Me?
  • Articles on top leading crypto and traditional publications
  • AMAs
  • Immersive or interactive events
  • Email marketing (emailing our existing user base about updates to wallet functions)
  • In-app campaign (eg refer friends to get MAPS etc)
  • In-app notifications via app
  • Travel influencers (e.g. to share on their social media and/or create video tutorials about how to use wallet)
  • Distributing ads on non-crypto channels
  • Apple app store promotion
  • Advertorial articles in travel, leisure magazines
  • Subscription fee (initial tier — for free, freemium model)
  • Net FX mark-up on transactions with foreign exchange
  • Card interchange fee
  • Additional products (insurance, POS financing for travel)
  • Instant cashout fee
  • Affiliate fee from OTAs (online travel agencies) for booking accommodation + travel + transportation
  • Advertising fees from businesses
  1. Powering 2.0 is the MAPS token that may provide token holders with 100% of the platform’s net revenues. Token-holders using the app will also benefit from personalized promotions and rewards, likely driving adoption, retention, and virality of MAPS within the community.
  2. There are very few apps with a user base as large as ours, so is positioned to quickly put DeFi financial services in the hands of many.
  3. Furthermore, users utilize our app throughout their entire journey/travel process: we can therefore develop a travel- and wallet-oriented ecosystem to instill new user habits with regards to payments, accommodation booking, fund transfers, and asset management.
  4. Our offered financial services are decentralized, which contrasts with the centralized nature of Robinhood (brokerage), Paypal (payments), and Revolut (fintech banking). Current DeFi projects are also hindered by blockchains that cannot provide the necessary throughput, speed, and low gas fees for widespread adoption. In contrast, will build its DeFi functions on the fast and scalable Solana blockchain and liquid Serum DEX.



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