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5 min readMay 6, 2021


The Maps.me team continues to focus on the latest version of Maps.me. We are excited to initiate the staged roll-out of our highly anticipated wallet!

The wallet is the cornerstone of Maps.me 2.0 and represents a critical step towards the mass adoption of DeFi. It combines a number of moving pieces linking together the CeFi and DeFi worlds. It’s critical to get this right to ensure successful roll-out stages. We are excited to have received positive feedback on it so far and continue working through constructive suggestions.

As you know, the Maps.me embedded wallet is a travel-oriented fiat wallet. As such, it is bound by the regulations and dynamics of traditional financial systems and the realm of fiat currency. The development of fundamental wallet components will be generally, and almost necessarily, more time intensive than what many are accustomed to in the Serum and Solana ecosystems.

The timing of the wallet’s release stages also depends on the delivery of major credit card companies, corporate trustees, regulatory authorities, banking partners, and our other backend providers. Our partners play a key role in the creation of this ecosystem, and we’re excited about building something great with them. We want to thank the Maps.me community for your patience, feedback, and continuing support. We are always listening to your feedback and taking them into account as we continue building out Maps.me 2.0.

The wallet is being released first to our waitlisted members across multiple stages, and then soon to the rest of the Maps.me community. Marco has also revealed a couple of wallet screenshots lately. Our young pup just couldn’t contain himself! We can’t blame him, and we are delighted to share more of our vision in this post.

Buy MAPS Tokens from the App

The first feature that caught the eyes of our first beta testers was the ability to buy MAPS through the Maps.me wallet. In our whitepaper, we have detailed our vision of making MAPS a part of a rewards system, allowing users to earn points similar to airline miles or credit card points. You will also be able to guess how things operate under the hood.

A new reward scheme for all Maps.me users!

MAPS bought on the Maps.me wallet are “buy-and-hold” and, in the current conception of the Maps.me app, cannot be traded. Rather, by holding different levels of MAPS (i.e. staking) on the wallet, you can unlock various wallet features and become eligible to receive different levels of discounts and cashbacks. In this post, we’ll discuss two of our favourite such features: eSIM data plans and hotel booking cashbacks.

eSIM Card

Creating a convenient travel experience means the world to us. One feature focusing on streamlined travel is the introduction of eSIM packages directly through your wallet. eSIM (embedded SIM) cards allow you to activate a cellular plan without requiring a physical SIM card (as the eSIM is already embedded within your device). The convenience brought by eSIM capable devices is taking the world by storm, with staggering predictions for eSIM device growth. Maps.me is ready to leverage this functionality and redefine travel.

Your ultimate travel companion is ready whenever you are.

Travellers with eSIM supported devices will be able to purchase eSIM data plans through the Maps.me wallet for more than 100 countries. Say goodbye to swapping between multiple SIM cards when you travel. With the Maps.me wallet, you can take advantage of local data prices and avoid the headaches of expensive data plans at the airport, allowing you to stay connected at a fraction of the cost.

Hotel Booking and Cashbacks

Maps.me is your ultimate travel companion for exploring the world, discovering new places, and even finding places to stay and rest. Maps.me can also help you get the best deals on accommodations and hotels, thanks to our cashback program through Booking.com.

Play and rest, all at your fingertips.

Booking.com will provide cashbacks (of up to 10%) for bookings, depending on your MAPS holdings (whether you are a Bronze, Silver, or Gold premium member). This is just one way we are connecting travellers and businesses to a rich and rewarding travel experience. We are exploring further partnerships and new, exciting ways to bring a more immersive and financially-empowered experience to the Maps.me community.

Next Steps

It’s important to reiterate our unwavering commitment to releasing a high quality product to our users. With our feet deeply planted in CeFi and DeFi, details mean everything. Everything in our roadmap builds on itself; we are focused on getting it right.

Throughout April, we have been beta testing our wallet with a select number of expert supporters before expanding our staged roll-out. Once again, we emphasize our preference not to make promises on deadlines, given how quickly things can change and complicate in the CeFi and DeFi worlds. We are focusing on the core of the app and resolving the necessary infrastructure issues to make sure everything works seamlessly and securely, so that Maps.me 2.0 is ready to serve millions of people and beyond.

Thank you again for all your patience and understanding along our journey. We are always taking note of your feedback across all our social channels and incorporating them into Maps.me 2.0 to make a powerful, secure, reliable, and fair product for all.

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