The team continues to focus on the latest version of We are excited to initiate the staged roll-out of our highly anticipated wallet!

The wallet is the cornerstone of 2.0 and represents a critical step towards the mass adoption of DeFi. It combines a number of moving…

Thanks everyone for tuning into the AMA on March 22, and a huge shoutout to Coin98 team for hosting!

Host: Coin98
Guest: Marco, the ambassador

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  1. Could you guys briefly introduce yourself as well as Maps Me?

Sure! I’m… 2.0 is a reshaping of the popular offline mapping and travel-booking app. Our new embedded wallet is a crucial feature.

Most users have seen our teaser video on 2.0. In that video, we covered several key wallet functionalities, including safe and convenient payment options, affordable FX conversions…

We’ve been guiding people for years. is a trusted companion for 140 million users and has established itself as one of the world’s most popular offline mapping services.

Our platform is now opening new horizons for our users’ financial needs by providing them more choices and better value. …

We will update this frequently. Please DM an admin on if you are ever unsure about anything. Beware of fraudulent tokens and listings. Admins on Telegram will never DM you first.


What is and MAPS token? aims to be the ultimate travel companion with online…

As the builders of an ambitious long-term project, we’re thrilled with the amount of positive and constructive feedback from the and DeFi communities. users, travellers, and DeFi enthusiasts are aligned in making MAPS successful.

After hearing your contribution and valuable thoughts, we’re happy to announce even further commitments…

MAPS and DeFi

DeFi has recorded extraordinary performance in 2020, with huge increases in userbase, product scope, token performance, and adoption. But the main headwinds remain: usability, scalability, and mass adoption. How can we achieve true global DeFi adoption?

Our answer: integrating’s 140 million users with decentralized financial services.

Maps Token

Official MAPS Token Announcement page. Please visit for more information or join our Telegram groups:

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